Outdoor Mosaic Tiles

What’s beautiful about mosaic art is that wherever you apply it, it never ceases to amaze. Whether indoor or outdoor, the results are always spectacular. It is important to know, however, that outdoor mosaics use different materials that are more water and traffic resistant. Wood is usually replaced by concrete backers, which are more resistant to humidity, while adhesive is replaced by thinset mortar for better cementing.

Mosaic tiles incorporated in your outdoor spaces and elements, such as garden pots, fountains, birdhouses, sculptures, or patio floors, are always an attractive and colorful addition. What’s important to know is that they should be sued on a dry and strong surface, and should be sealed with multiple coats of paint and sealer to prevent damage and moisture penetration.
If you wish to install your own outdoor mosaic, make sure to:

  1.  Apply good quality sand and cement mixture
  2.  Use thinset bonding mortar
  3.  Use high-quality sealants
  4.  Use recommended outdoor adhesive

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