Mosaic Floor Tiles

Floor tiles are usually made of ceramic or stone. However, rubber, glass and stone tiles can also be used for floors. Each has its own characteristics that you can see below before deciding which material you want to choose for your floorings. 

  • Ceramic tiles can be painted and glazed, however the glazed surface can look worn when scratched, contrary to natural stone tiles where the wear will be less noticeable. Ceramic tiles can be less slippery in wet areas.
  • Natural stone tiles are beautiful for floorings but less uniform in color and pattern. They are also more delicate in use and installation. Different types of stone tiles have different features like thickness, hardness, slip resistance, stain resistance, porosity, etc. The harder a stone tile is, the more suitable it is for heavy traffic floor areas.
  • Rubber floor tiles are multi-purpose. They are especially used in high-traction floors, this is why they are mostly seen in residential and commercial areas, including workshops, patios, swimming pool decks, gyms, etc.
  • Plastic floor tiles are a recent innovation. They are suitable for high-traffic areas, wet areas, and areas exposed to oily and greasy substances. They are usually found in old factory falls, garages, gyms, schools, shops, etc.
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