Granite Mosaics

Granite is mostly famous for its applications inside the kitchen. Being a hard durable material, it was firstly used for public edifices like libraries and courts. With time, it became cheaper and moved into the home to become mainly the perfect countertop material. Highly resistant to scratches and stains, granite mosaic tiles are the most durable & ideal surface for countertops & the most beautiful.

Being also resistant to water, granite mosaic tiles are also used for floorings in bathrooms and kitchens. Besides being practical, it also gives a luxurious feel around Jacuzzi tubs, in steam showers, sinks, and on walls and ceilings. Fireplaces are another great place for granite, as the hard stone highlights the beauty and warmth of the fire even more.

One thing is for sure: nothing compares to granite wherever it is used. Practical and economic, it renders every space more appealing, sumptuous and inviting.

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