Wall Décor and Mosaic

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Why mosaic? A question we are frequently asked when our answer to which wall décor art we prefer – and recommend - is mosaic. Although wall décor comes in many forms like fresco painting, frames, stickers, and design accessorizes, for us, nothing really compares to mosaic, and here’s why. Mosaic is more than just a decorative tool; we rather see it as an art. Just like architecture, it is the process of designing and building a vision based on inspiration, ideals, perspective, geometry, and material. And just like there is no limit to any art, there is no limit to what we can achieve with mosaic. For your indoor murals, mosaic offers you endless choices in material, colors, and style of art that no other wall décor can match in beauty. With stone, marble, or glass, mosaics can reproduce not only any image desired, but also any visual effect. From pure abstract, to depth, illusion, landscape, or perspective, mosaic can do it all, guaranteeing the wow effect you’re looking for. With the wide variety of colors available and the many techniques and beautiful marriages of materials, mosaic murals can take wall décor to new heights. Image a beautiful union of marble and granite, cement and sea shells, colored glass and marbled sand… the sky is the limit with what could result from the combinations of colors and material in mosaic making. The reasons why we’re passionate about mosaic are many and we’d love to share them with you. For more info about our mosaic murals or how you can enhance your wall décor with mosaic, don’t hesitate to contact our team at Mosaic Marble.

The World’s Biggest Mosaic Museum

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The world’s biggest mosaic museum is located in Gaziantep, Turkey, and has been open to the public since September 2011. Built in homage to Zeugma, one of the four major cities of the Kingdom of Commagene, the Zeugma Museum is home to the archaeological legacy of the ancient town, sheltering some of the world’s most precious mosaics. With execution costs estimated at 30 million dollars, the largest museum of its kind comprises 550 square meters of mosaics reflecting the history of the ancient city of Zeugma founded by Alexander the Great in 300 BC on the banks of the river of Euphrates. The mosaics stretch over thousands of square meters including the historical pieces and remains of Zeugma found during the excavations. What’s impressive about this museum is that it harmoniously brings together history with modernity in the way it restores and exhibits the mosaics. Using laser system and unique lighting effects, the museum resorts to advanced technology to recreate missing parts of mosaics or add beautiful optical effects through interactive mosaic panels, virtual reality systems, and three-dimensional shows that make visitors’ experience a mystical journey through time. In addition to many mosaic pieces, mosaic murals, mosaic fountains, and other valuable items, the museum is home to the world-famous “Gipsy Girl” mosaic known for her striking wild look, and whom scholars suggest to be Gaea, the goddess of the Earth.

Mosaic Medallion in Home Décor

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The first time you heard the term “Mosaic Medallion”, you probably wondered what it meant. Although famous in the world of mosaic, its terminology might not be clear to anyone. Today, we explore mosaic medallions more to highlight better their use in home décor. Mosaic medallions come in the shape of a medal, which justifies their appellation. Their circular design contributed in making them the most popular floor adornment. They are centerpieces made with various materials, such as stone, metal, tile, glass or other, and used mainly for floors. Outside home, mosaic medallions have been used to decorate churches or outdoor spaces like backyard murals and fountain floorings. Indoor, they can have multiple uses as described below: Floor inserts Floor medallions are the most common floor ornament. Their easy installation and high durability of materials make them not only attractive to the eyes but also practical to include in home décor. Wall inserts Exactly like they can be inserted in floors, mosaic medallions can be installed on walls for the most original mural adornments. Their broad variety of designs and colors makes them creative and unique decorative items. Kitchen Backsplashes   Mosaic medallions are an easy way to add a nice touch to your kitchen space. You can choose to integrate them discreetly in your kitchen tiles by choosing similar colors or set them apart through bright colors for a sparkling effect. Table tops   Mosaic medallions can make the most creative table tops. Replacing ordinary wood or glass tabletops, they will create beautiful and colorful pieces for your indoor or outdoor spaces. They’re easy to install and can reproduce any design or color you have in mind! For more information about Mosaic Medallions, don’t hesitate to contact our team at Mosaic Marble!

Mosaic Backsplashes: The Best Way to Decorate Your Kitchen!

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Why make your most-used place at home plain or dull if you can turn it into an exciting and inspiring space? Yes ladies, we’re speaking to you! If you sum up the amount of hours you spend in your little kitchen, it would make up for more than third of the time you spend at home!   So think again about how you want to design and decorate that kitchen to make it inviting and enjoyable! Start by choosing colors that soothe the senses for your floor and wall tiles. Make them bright and refreshing rather than gloomy as light colors are known to be more comforting and invigorating. It’s very important to design the space in a way that makes it easy for you to move around and use facilities and tools in the easiest and most convenient way. In other words, you have to optimize your space to make the best out of every inch because trust us, you will need it! Now it’s time to decorate that kitchen. We don’t mean equip it with furniture or utensils but real decorative items that you would think of for every other space in your house. Need a hint? Think mosaic. Why mosaic? Because it’s more durable and impactful than any other painting you’ll add to your kitchen. The best type of kitchen adornment, mosaic backsplashes are a great way to cover your walls, partly or completely. They can fill the space behind the gas or the sink, in any design you want, elevating the overall look of your kitchen. Depending on your taste or your style, mosaic backsplashes can portray landscape designs, “nature morte”, or an abstract style of art that would give a touch of life for your surroundings, adding colors and nice vibes to your food atelier. Kitchen backsplashes can simply be original mosaic tiles that would replace ordinary wall tiles to give a distinguished character for your space. Inspired by the colors of the kitchen or furniture, mosaic backsplashes will complete the space with the touch it needs to look enhanced and one step ahead in creativity and originality. There are literally a thousand ways to decorate your kitchen with mosaic backsplashes and we can tell you what’s the best way for you! All you need is to reach out to Mosaic Marble to check our wide selection of kitchen backsplashes and consult our team of experts for any advice you need.

When Mosaic Art Gets Wild

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Whether you’re a pet lover or not, it is fair to acknowledge that animals have always made a lovely addition to any kind of art. Animal creatures, just like nature, are blessed with a mysterious beauty, striking in its colors, shapes, and lines. Animals have been part of our lives since the beginning of times, present around us and documented in every era’s ways of expression. They have been decorating cave walls since the prehistoric times and are still decorating our modern walls to date. The most popular form of animal art comes in mosaic tiles today. Animal design mosaic constitutes a big manufacturing part of every mosaic maker due to its high demand. Animal design mosaic comes mainly in wallpaper or framed wall art, revamping walls in a fresh artistic way. When handcrafted, animal design mosaic can be customized to redraw any desired visual down to the most intricate details of tile material, colors, shape, and style of art. From wild animals mosaics to birds, underwater creatures, and horoscope symbols, animal mosaic murals make the idea wall accent for both indoor and outdoor spaces. At Mosaic Marble, animal mosaic designs, exactly like any other mosaic we handcraft, are worked with unparalleled craftsmanship, mastering precise details and perfecting mosaic texture to create unique pieces that fit all kinds of indoor living spaces. From lounges to kitchens, rooms, bathrooms, offices, and even gardens and terraces, animal mosaics uplift home or outdoors’ décor with a distinctive art character. Our rich selection of animal mosaics includes different shapes and sizes. Get in touch with our team here to know more about how to match best our animal mosaics with your interiors!

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