Meet the Duzzle Art!

Posted on Feb 16 2018
After creating the impressive Space Shuttle Mosaic for Ripley’s, made with 5,951 keyboard pieces, (more about it here:, mosaic artist Doug Powell stages a comeback with his amazing puzzle mosaics.   It was in 2001 that Doug started experimenting with random... READ MORE

Incredible Mosaics of Thousands of Naked Bodies!

Posted on Feb 16 2018
Born in Naples but lived and worked in New York City, Angelo Musco is a contemporary artist known for his incredible art of making mosaics of thousands of naked bodies. The youngest of five children, Angelo had a difficult birth, being a 6.5 kilos newborn after spending 11 months in the womb. The extraction caused serious damage to both mother and baby, and Musco stayed paralyzed on his right... READ MORE

Steven Spazuk: An Artist on Fire!

Posted on Feb 16 2018
How can you tell a real artist from another? Simply when he succeeds in blowing your mind in the simplest ways that you’ve never thought of. This is the case of French-Canadian artist Steven Spazuk who has introduced a completely new and unique drawing technique to create his breathtaking monochromatic images. After being a conventional artist since his childhood working with... READ MORE

Recreate Your Face in LEGO Mosaic!

Posted on Feb 16 2018
When 29-year-old graphic designer Stefan Sacherer, a big LEGO lover, did his first LEGO portrait for his girlfriend, he realized that was actually what he fancied doing the most. However, he never thought of making a business out of this hobby until his friends encouraged him to do so after being impressed with his works. This is when “Brixels” was born, an Austrian company... READ MORE

Incredible Mosaics Made of Thousands of Tiny Photographs

Posted on Feb 16 2018
Swiss born artist and independent photographer, Anna Halm Schudel has been exposing works regularly in museums and galleries in Switzerland and abroad for 25 years. Inspired by everything around her and believing that every person has multiple facets that combined form his or her personality, the Swiss artist embarked on a journey of portraits’ creation in her own original way.... READ MORE
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