Incredible Mosaics of Thousands of Naked Bodies!

Posted on Feb 16 2018

Born in Naples but lived and worked in New York City, Angelo Musco is a contemporary artist known for his incredible art of making mosaics of thousands of naked bodies. The youngest of five children, Angelo had a difficult birth, being a 6.5 kilos newborn after spending 11 months in the womb. The extraction caused serious damage to both mother and baby, and Musco stayed paralyzed on his right side for the first years of his life.  

This traumatic birth definitely left scars on Angelo who illustrates in his works touching themes like birth, procreation and gestation. The human body is the medium of his art, as clearly seen, and the beauty of his work translates in connecting masses of nude bodies in mosaics, creating complex structures that are symbolic representations of eggs, nests, amniotic fluid and others. Musco captures naked bodies in private or public photo shoots, where volunteers, models, and business and government institutions are involved. The miracle of procreation is always found in his reproductions, no matter how much they evolved over the years, to leave us breathless at each mosaic masterpiece he creates of the natural world.


Asked about the correlation between his birth experience and his art, Musco said: “More specifically it was the difficulty and trauma of my actual birth that colored my early life. Both my mother and I almost died in childbirth and I was left unable to use my right arm for the first years of my life. But I soaked up so much of the rich history and beauty of Naples and, because of the physical limitations, I was not inclined to do athletic play like others my age and I found expression in art and the images and visions I had in my head. My body was a constant reminder of my entry into the world and that awareness worked its way into the work.” For more about Angelo Musco, check the following video:

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