Mosaic: Timeless Adornment for Homes

Posted on Feb 16 2018
Just like diamonds, mosaic is priceless. It never goes out of style nor out of value. It has been, for centuries, the highly preferred adornment for churches, hotels, houses, and more. And if it’s been associated with rather aristocratic taste, its due to the long and intricate process of tile work it entails, let alone a high sense of craftsmanship and refinement. Although manufacturing... READ MORE

Picasso: Le Reve

Posted on Feb 16 2018
​Who doesn’t know the genius artist who, in addition to being the most renowned name in modern art, is also the founder of the cubism movement in the art world? We are talking ,of course, of none other than the famous Pablo Picasso. The Spanish painter, sculptor, designer and poet whose works still influence thousands of artists around the world is known as the father of... READ MORE

Gustav Klimt: The Kiss

Posted on Feb 16 2018
​ Born in 1862 in Vienna, Gustav Klimt was born to become the most famous Austrian painter in the world. His works varying from paintings to murals, sketches and other objects of art revolved around the female body and were characterized by a sincere sensuality. Klimt’s most renowned work is The Kiss painted between 1908 and 1909, a golden period for the artist. The canvas depicts a... READ MORE

Sistine Chapel: Creation of Adam by Michelangelo

Posted on Feb 16 2018
If you have visited the Sistine Chapel in the Vatican City, you have definitely been stricken by the amazing painting that decorates its ceiling. The Creation of Adam, completed by Michelangelo around 1511 in only two to three weeks, is a masterpiece known to the world. ​ The painting is the fourth in the series of panels relating to the story of the Genesis, and depicts God the father... READ MORE

Botticelli: The Birth of Venus

Posted on Feb 16 2018
Known as the Cradle of Renaissance and home to the world’s most famous artists and works of arts, Florence is also where the stunning Botticelli’s “Birth of Venus” is displayed, more specifically in the Uffizi Gallery. The painting, considered as one of the most precious works of the Renaissance, was completed by Sandro Botticelli circa 1486. It depicts the... READ MORE
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