Mosaic: Timeless Adornment for Homes

Posted on Feb 16 2018

Just like diamonds, mosaic is priceless. It never goes out of style nor out of value. It has been, for centuries, the highly preferred adornment for churches, hotels, houses, and more. And if it’s been associated with rather aristocratic taste, its due to the long and intricate process of tile work it entails, let alone a high sense of craftsmanship and refinement. Although manufacturing methods have changed and it’s easier to have access to mosaic, it remains a fancy touch of art and the most elegant way to add color and pattern to any living space as well as the best resort for home remodeling!

With the endless choices, sizes, textures, and patterns of mosaic, it’s not difficult to get lost in what would be the best choice for your house. It all starts with your budget of course. We would say: the more, the merrier! However, when you define your budget, it will be much easier to know how much mosaic you can “afford” integrating in your interior design. Home remodeling can tackle small details in your house such as adding a mosaic wall mural or a thin embellishment line to your floor or walls, or it can also imply a major “renovation” to your interior design. By that, we mean choosing mosaic to be the main decorating element to your overall home style, hence applying it to your kitchen, your bathrooms, your walls, floors, gardens, and maybe swimming pools, creating a uniform theme across your space. We guarantee a whimsical outcome that will transform your house into one worthy of fairytales!

However, knowing how to choose your mosaic is a crucial factor of accomplishing the “wow” effect desired. The safest way would be to resort to an expert, which generally would be a renowned supplier of mosaic in your area/country. That would save you the hassle of multitasking. i.e. researching the right material, pattern, style, shopping, installing, etc. not to mention that such suppliers would also custom-make unique pieces that would match your home’s style after having visited your premises and taken the right measurements. Mosaic Marble draws on years of expertise in the field to offer its clientele a holistic service. Thanks to our skilled consultants, you won’t have to worry about a thing when it comes to knowing how to remodel your house with mosaic. We will mobilize our know-how and resources to put the right touch of mosaic where needed, enhancing your spaces in the most beautiful and cost-efficient ways. For more info about home remodeling with mosaic, contact us on [email protected]