Refresh Your Life with Mosaic Landscapes

Posted on Feb 16 2018
Natural landscapes have always made the most beautiful sights for the eye, whether in real or in paintings. There is nothing more relaxing than pondering the sight of endless sea horizons, magical sunsets, green mountains, flowing rivers, or any beautiful fusion of urban and rural scenery. Landscapes have proven to be relaxing for the eyes and the mind with their serene colors and their... READ MORE

The Magic of Mosaic in Gardens

Posted on Feb 16 2018
If your house is not enough of a playground for your fertile imagination or if you prefer to unleash your creativity and decoration fantasies outside your home, then let’s step in the world of garden décor for some fun. With their burst of wild life and colors, gardens inspire freedom and seem like a great place to express one’s taste in art and decoration. Whether... READ MORE

The Power of Mosaic in Interior Design

Posted on Feb 16 2018
Home décor, what an endless world of possibilities! Shaping the interior design of a space that you would want to call “home” and one you would be happy to go back to every night is far from being a piece of cake. Even after defining the theme of your home, one that should absolutely reflect your taste and personality, there are a million ways to bring this theme to... READ MORE

Enhancing Tiles with Borders & Listellos

Posted on Feb 16 2018
There are so many layers and dimensions to the world of tiles that it’s hard to know where to begin and where to end. To make a long story short, I would like to zoom in on the subject of borders and listellos in this post. For those who don’t know, even tiles can be enhanced with additional adornment and patterns, borders and listellos being one way of adding this decorative... READ MORE

The Art of Signs and Symbols in Mosaic

Posted on Feb 16 2018
They say "symbols are the imaginative signposts of life". If they’re widely used in everyday life and everywhere around the world, it’s because they make up the only language that crosses all frontiers and borders. Unlike spoken languages, signs and symbols are universal; they have no nationality and can convey ideas in an accessible and more artistically visual... READ MORE
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