The Art of Signs and Symbols in Mosaic

Posted on Feb 16 2018

They say "symbols are the imaginative signposts of life". If they’re widely used in everyday life and everywhere around the world, it’s because they make up the only language that crosses all frontiers and borders. Unlike spoken languages, signs and symbols are universal; they have no nationality and can convey ideas in an accessible and more artistically visual way.

People often resort to signs and symbols to express themselves, but also relate to them when describing a facet of their personality or a trait of character, or even to express their taste in art. Reproducing your car emblem on a floor mosaic or turning meaningful symbols into mosaic murals are always a nice way to remind yourself of what ticks you in life and makes you feel alive.


Signs and symbols go way back in history, before words, when they were the only means of communication between human beings. Exactly like mosaics, they’ve withstood and served many eras and civilizations, to become today a popular form of expression across the world. From medieval to tribal to Christian, mosaics were often associated with symbols of cultures, beliefs, customs and religions that decorated places of living and of worship.

Combining mosaic and symbolism, the two old-time mechanisms of expression, will result in a mystical and contemporary art style that has evolved through time to become a beautiful modern way to decorate living spaces. Sign and symbol mosaics can mostly match with a simple and modern interior design that focuses on clean and uncluttered spaces that require unique and bold art pieces for a most striking effect.  

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