The Power of Mosaic in Interior Design

Posted on Feb 16 2018

Home décor, what an endless world of possibilities! Shaping the interior design of a space that you would want to call “home” and one you would be happy to go back to every night is far from being a piece of cake. Even after defining the theme of your home, one that should absolutely reflect your taste and personality, there are a million ways to bring this theme to life. Starting with the choice of furniture to the final touches of embellishment, the best way to do it is “slowly but surely”.

Whether you’re a traditional at heart, a passionate bohemian, or a fervent modernist, you should know that the use of mosaic tiles in your home interior has an unmatched effect on your space. Not only will it drastically enhance its overall look, but it will also give you the possibility of reincarnating any mood or fantasy you’ve always loved to integrate in your interior design. Mosaic can apply to every room in your house, adding texture and color to each space. Choosing how to add mosaic should start by selecting the size and color that goes best with your space, while keeping in mind the ultimate goal you would like to achieve: what is exactly the purpose or added-value you want these mosaic tiles to fulfill?

If you’re looking to add a “dreamy” wanderlust feel in your living room, go for blue shades and a mural design that would recreate romantic whimsical landscape. What’s better than opening your eyes to this every morning? The bathroom is a good space to experiment with tiles, whether you’d like to add a backsplash/mural or just borders that would animate the space and make it more fun! Recreate your childhood fantasies, map the entire underworld, go abstract all the way or decide to stay sober with toned-down colors… the choice is yours and the sky is the limit. There’s a wide room for fun when it comes to decorating your interior design with mosaic, and we’re more than ready to help.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to our team of experts at Mosaic Marble to get the advice you need on any aspect of mosaic decoration!