The Sea Inspires Beautiful Mosaics

Posted on Feb 16 2018

Like most people. Ukrainian artist Svetlana Ivanchenko loves to stroll the sandy beaches looking for beautiful shells and stones. But Svetlana goes the extra mile and uses whatever the sea gives her to create beautiful art. With the sand, pebbles and shells she gathers, she sculpts intricate portraits carefully assembled by hand.


Graduated from the Art School of the famous Crimean artist Sergei Bokaeva, Svetlana was born and raised on the Black Sea in Yalta. Since ever, the talented artist was fascinated by the natural richness that surrounded her, growing up to be an art teacher and a unique-style artist. Her wonderful mosaics use 100% natural materials like sand, seashells, quartz, tree roots and tree bark, and no coloring at all. Her works have been exhibited in international galleries, while many feature in the private collections of connaisseurs in Russia, Ukraine, Germany, Estonia and the Dominican Republic.