Moscow Unveils the Largest Coffee Bean Mosaic!

Posted on Feb 16 2018

Russian artist Arkadi Kim set a new world record by creating the largest mosaic made of coffee beans in Gorky Park, Moscow. Entitled “The Awakening”, the impressive mosaic required two weeks of constant work before it was proudly exposed to the Park’s visitors.


What’s most extraordinary is that this nearly 30 square meter mosaic is made of 1 million coffee beans, weighted and roasted to reach the desired tones of colors. Acknowledged by Russia’s Book of Records, the mosaic weighs 180 kg, beating its former by about 5 square meters and 40 kilograms. The latter was created in December 2011 in Armenia, and was the work of the world-renown artist Saimir Strati. The beautiful coffee bean artwork remained in Gorky park for a limited period of time before being dismantled on July 1st 2012, and the beans sold to a processing plant. Local authorities had also set up a cozy cafe and coffee tasting area to create a real experience for the visitors.