Frederico Uribe: Mosaic Art Celebrates Life

Posted on Feb 16 2018

Mosaic art is a wide concept and dates to many years back. It started by being a collection of stones, tiles, glass to form pictures or patterns. Today, with different technology and more diversity of material, mosaic art can take any form and shape. A live proof for that would be the amazing works of Frederico Uribe, a Colombian mixed media artist known for creating art from unusual objects.


While he was already a famous painter, Frederico abandoned his paintbrush, intrigued by the beauty of simple objects and the unusual and unpredictable art they create when combined. Using bullet shells, pencils, or even shoelaces, Uribe’s only purpose is to make beautiful mosaics that celebrate life, make people smile, and remind them of the beauty around them. With every “natural” object he uses, Uribe reconciles with life, mirroring the intelligence and beauty of objects.