How to Keep Your Mosaic Clean

Posted on Feb 16 2018

Mosaics are used for both indoors and outdoors decoration. Depending on their location and their material, they might get dirty in different ways but cleaning them is quite simple.

Soapy water helps cleaning dirt and spots from mosaic tile. Use a toothbrush for the collected dirt in the grout between the tiles and a vacuum for a floor tile.

Should the stain be more serious, you can mix 50% of white vinegar with 50% of water and scrub the mosaic surface with a sponge.

Glass mosaics are generally the easiest to clean. A mild glass detergent will do the job.

For an outdoors mosaic you can use a garden hose to clean the surface. In case the water did not do the trick, use soapy water.

You can apply a sealant to materials such as marble. This will not only make it glossy but also help protect it from scratches, scuffing, and stains, making general cleaning much easier.

Keep in mind that acid, alkaline, and solvent-based cleaners can damage and/or discolor the tiles and the grout also, avoid waxing any part of your mosaic.

Cleaning mosaic tiles when they get dirty is important if you want to keep them as good as new. They will look shiny and give a nice touch to the area that they're in.