How to Choose the Color of Your Mosaic Pool

Posted on Feb 16 2018

Do you have a pool or a pond? Are you interested in mosaic? Take a minute and read about how to choose the color as it will greatly affect the overall look of your pool/ pond.

There are many colors to choose from. How do you make a sound choice?

Go with the flow: Blue like the sky.

It’s the most common, and it is available in many shades. If you want to give your pool/pond a sense of depth, go for the darker shades of blue. This aqua blue mosaic pattern would look really nice. But if you want a transparency effect, choose a lighter shade of blue.


Mosaic Pool 1

Go natural: Turquoise green found in nature.

If your pond is surrounded with trees and plants in the garden, we suggest that you go for the turquoise green color as it will give a natural like those found in nature.


Mosaic Pool 2

Go crystal clear: Honest white

If you like the crystal clear effect of water, go for the white color. It renders a beautiful effect.


Mosaic Pool 3

Go modern: Chic black

If you want a really unique and original idea, go for black and transform your pool/pond into a mirror reflecting its environment.

Mosaic Pool 4

Mosaic Pool 5

Go Caribbean: Dreamy beige

Sandy shades of beige will give a nice Caribbean water reflection and put you in a permanent vacation mode.


Mosaic Pool 6

Go Impressive: Royal Gold

There are also a multitude of other colors to create custom and creative universe. Below discover rendering water gold golden mosaics.

Mosaic Pool 6