House-Inspired Mosaics

Posted on Feb 16 2018

Born in 1965 and a graduate from the Central Academy of Fine Arts, Hong Hao is today’s most famous Chinese contemporary artists. Among the many art creations he produced since 1978, household object mosaics are what he is most renowned for.

After choosing objects from his own living space or ones we use everyday like rice cookers, toys, cups, cameras, and even Nintendo game controllers and food, Hong Hoa proceeds to scan his material, configure it and enhance it before printing. His art is inspired by the rising consumerism that China has experienced in the last 30 years.

Hong Hao’s work is part of permanent collections at the Museum of Modern Art in New York and San Francisco, the British Museum and the Shanghai Art Museum. His pieces have travelled the world, touring galleries in Spain, Netherlands, France, Japan, Australia and Italy. His last exhibition in Beijing showcased an extensive selection of his work at the Pace Gallery from March16 - April 27.