UAE Embassy in Washington Portrays Mosaic Modernism

Posted on Feb 16 2018
Did you know that constructing the United Arab Emirates embassy in Washington DC required a total of 94,545 square feet of stone? Including 13 varieties of marble, granite and quartzite? Created by architect Angelos Demetriou, the design concept provided many fabrication and installation challenges, among which were two Arabic patterned pre-assembled marble "carpets"... READ MORE

The Duomo’s Floor Reveals Breathtaking Marble Mosaic Art Works

Posted on Feb 16 2018
If you still haven’t visited the Cathedral of Siena in Milano, an amazing work of art awaits to dazzle you. Siena’s Duomo welcomes you with a stunning mosaic marble floor pavement that took centuries to complete. Created by 40 artists between 1369 and 1547, the unique pavement is made up of 56 panels depicting Biblical stories, historical events, and allegorical scenes. Many... READ MORE

Lebanon's Mosaic Marble Growing Globally

Posted on Feb 16 2018
    When Oprah Winfrey ordered mosaics for her private villa in Miami last year, she chose Lebanon-based Mosaic Marble — and she must have been pleased as she placed an order for another project this year. The 260 different pieces of mosaic gracing the municipality of Rome are also the work of Mosaic Marble, a bid they won against an Italian counterpart. Offering more... READ MORE

The Alexander Mosaic

Posted on Feb 16 2018
The Alexander Mosaic illustrates a battle in which Alexander faced and attempted to capture or kill Darius. Alexander defeated him at the Battle of Issus and two years later at the Battle of Gaugamela. The work is traditionally believed to show the Battle of Issus. The mosaic is held to be a copy of either a painting by Aristides of Thebes, or of a lost late 4th century BC fresco by the... READ MORE

Mosaic Terminology

Posted on Feb 16 2018
Mosaic is an art form which uses small pieces of materials placed together to create a unified whole. The materials commonly used are marble or other stone, glass, pottery, mirror or foil-backed glass, or shells. The terminology used in mosaic art is mainly made up of Latin terms and words. Here you can find these different discipline-specific terms together with short and simple... READ MORE
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